Produkt nad rzeką – Meetup

Produkt nad rzeką – Meetup

Jestem bardzo dumny, że 8 maja prelegentem Produktu nad Rzeką będzie legenda świata Agile David Anderson! Tak, ten sam który stworzył Metodę Kanban i który mawia: “Stop Starting, Start Finishing!”

David J. Anderson “Kanban Refreshes the Parts Other Methods Cannot Reach”

On-line Meetup

piątek, 8 maja 2020

David J. Anderson is a legend. He’s the founder of the Kanban Method! There are not many people who have had such a significant impact on the Agile world. He will be a speaker of Produkt nad Rzeką!

This talk will discuss Kanban as a refreshing approach to managing your business. The focus will be on the number of ways the method refreshes parts of an organization beyond those reached by other methods including visibility, protection from overburdening, evolutionary change, and scalability.

Learn the benefits from increased visibility and relief from overburdening achieved with WIP limits: better product quality, sense of achievement, satisfaction, and shorter lead times. Kanban enables evolutionary change – start where you are now and grow from there. Kanban respects your current position and taking an alternative approach to social change and the social psychology of the workplace. Kanban also scales. There is a Kanban solution for every workplace situation. Kanban can help bring clarity, predictability, and sanity to a world filled with stress and anxiety. David Anderson will explain how you can lead meaningful change in your organization during these times of anxiety and uncertainty.

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